Bishop Oyedepo: Thanksgiving is the trigger for change of Levels

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Thanksgiving is the trigger for the fulfillment of prophecy, if you don’t thank God for where you are you are not qualified for the next level you desire. The cleric made this known in a message titled Thanksgiving gate way to our next level of blessings. During the 39th anniversary of living faith church, he further said that the diverse change of Levels by the ministry can only be traced to the hand of God.

Living faith church also known as winners chapel worldwide has made giant strides over the 39years in diverse areas ranging from exponential church growth ,record breaking church auditorium, educational arm of the ministry. Let quickly look at varrious achievement of the church in the last 39years.

The beginning of the ministry is traced to 1, may 1981 when Bishop David Oyedepo at age 26 had a 18hour vision encounter from God and he said to him that vision from the beginning it was not so but now the hour has come to liberate the world from all oppression of the devil through the preaching of the world of faith and I’m sending you to unders Take this task, this birthed the foundation of Church 2years after.

Faith Tabernacle is the international headquarter of the church, it is located along km 10, idiroko road ota Ogun state. The gigatic building which is built inside a land mass of about 70 acres of land (28,000m^2) . The building a space of 17,000 acres (69km^2) the church complex called Canaan-land was constructed within one year, it started with foundation laying on 29th August 1998 and was dedicated on 19th September 1999 with 97,800 people in attendance, the structure has the ability to contain 50,000 members in a single service with tents all around the to take 250,000 people. And built depth free and it was recorded to be largest church auditorium between 1999-2014.

The educational arm of the church is also advancing, this comprise of primary and secondary Schools. The primary is called Kingdom heritage model school while the secondary called faith academy, which has branches all over Africa, has stood out with wonderful result in varrious international exams there winning different awards. Then Convenant university which was established in 2002 with the vision to revolutionise education in Africa, in the area of technology and enterprenuship development, has since taken over the education industry. Recently it was ranked the best private university in Western Africa and best university in Nigeria also not leaving it counter part Landmark university which also ranked among the top 10 university in Nigeria in 9years from 2011till now.

Dominion publishing house is the world class printing press that has published more than 150 books of the ministry . Indeed it I evident that the hand of God in this ministry is undeniable and is worthy to be praised. These are just but a few of the great attainment, may his name be praised. In Jesus name amen

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