Virus is submicroscopic parasitic particles contained in a protein coat

Virus is  submicroscopic parasitic particles contained in a protein coat. The study of virus is called virology. It focuses on the following aspect : structure, classification and evolution; method of infestation and exploit host cells. For reproduction their interaction with host orangism, physiology and immunity and most importantly the disease they cause. Classification of Viruses : […]

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Donald Trump phones Buhari, promises Nigeria ventilators

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday had a telephone conversation with the President, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari [retd.], and declared support for Nigeria on the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. The Minister of information, Lai Mohammed, disclosed this at the daily media briefing of the presidential task force on COVID-19. He said the US president promised […]

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NDN NIGERIANDAILYNEWS.COM Finally coming together. I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone that have supported and liked, commented and reacted to NDN posts. My sincere appreciation for your engagement and friendship. Now that our online home is ready for the world, I am inviting anyone that have a story to tell to submit so you […]

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