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Guys remember this picture? It was the day Trump sold America, the justice system, the intelligent agencies, our free press and our allies around the world to Rusia. It was American hell in Helsinki moment. That day was so real and it exposes Trumps actions or inaction in every issues we have faced since his arrival in the white house. On live TV beamed around the world, Trump proved that president Putin of Rusia was his BOSS. Just like everything else he has done since he came, the country moved passed it no matter how shocking it was because with Trump, life is like a roller coaster. There is really no time to let anything he does settle in. As it is happening, he is already thinking and planning another one. The HITS just keep coming and sooner or later, he overwhelms the nation and people gets burn out with all that is happening with him.
The Coronavirus have really taking Trump misdeeds to a whole new level. His is inhumane characteristics are in full throatle. The only way to describe what Trump is doing is pure lunacy. In my personal opinion, TRUMP IS INSANE. He is crazy as f**k. His childlike animistic Coronavirus update press conference has turned into a daily freak show. With Americans dieing in the thousands daily, Trump comes up to the podium, bullies and contradict his own scientists on live TV, he blame everyone else but himself while his lies becomes more and more outrageous. Even with all that he has done to lie, distract, deflect and misrepresent the truth about the covid-19 for the last 3 months, nothing compares to this deadly, dangerous and barbaric idea of his to treat Covid-19 patients with HYDROXY CHLOROQUINE or Dysinfectants Chemical like Clorox and Lysol. OMG someone please dial 911 and get the Mother f***** out of the White House and lock him up because he is CRAZY

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