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Leadership is a task ! Leadership is accomplishing a fit!!

Therefore for you to emerge a leader, you must attain a definite goal . Is not occupying a position that makes a leader, that is why we have so many failed leaders in the world today. Effective leadership begin from doing something little that has tremendous impact on organisational or societal growth, is all about persistence in engaging the right attitude. Therefore leadership is defined thus.

     Leadership is the efficient management of self, time, task and resources.

(David Oyedepo)

Generally leadership is defined as ability to influence to or more persons to achieve a definite goal. For this leadership ability to be expressed. We must firstly define the area in which we are to lead. Because everyone living on planet Earth has an assignment given to him by the creator. Gen 26:18, some their leadership skill is for business, some academics, ministry,  politics  etc. But there must be a discovery. When this areas are discovered we apply the necessary keys that follows to attain result.

Keys to leadership.

  • Capacity : this involve acquiring the necessary knowledge that is involved in your given area of focus, this require your commitment to  self development through regular studies. Because what you don’t have you can’t give. Knowledge is required to  impact and direct others. Give attention to reading this book give your self wholly to instructions and doctrine from this book  that your proftting may appear to all. (1Tim 3:13). The place of skill is not also over emphasized. (Ps78:20-22)  David lead the people by skillfulness of his hands and integrity of his heart.
  •  Characters: is the inner or moral qualities that form the pattern of individual behaviour. So it is your character that defines who you are ,  a questionable character makes the carrier stink. When characters is lacking your leadership ambition is a history. That we have failures as leaders in our society.  This characters is what sustains capacity. Because capacity will take to leadership but you been character to maintain it. This character is broken in the following.

Integrity:  is been perfectly honest with God and yourself, it also means standing by your words, not be say a particular word at a  time when somethings exchange has they change their word. Those people are termed gulible they don’t go far there future is very blik, you give them money to give to someone and that is the end.                                    Fundamentals of Leadership

                                    Fundamentals of Leadership

  •  Trust it also goes with  integrity it makes your followers believe in you even in your absence.

Other keys include

        Humility and Appreciation: for you to be an effective leader you must  get rid of yourself, appreciate the interest and effort of your followers , allow them air their view else, your efforts will be frustrated.

In summary leadership is the ability  to persuade one or more persons to achieve a goal .

How  get into leadership

  1.  Capture a vision ( Hab 2:2-3)
  2. Express your leadership to serve
  3. Empower other to lead
  4. Engage the leadership manual (Bible).

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