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That is what the people were shouting after the Nigerian Political Thieves dropped off some food that was not even enough to feed one family to about a thousand people in one community in Nigeria. The community gets it. They know they were being played by the shameless politicians that was pretending to be feeding people they have told to STAY HOME. This is outrageous and shameful because those people are facing hunger and the threat of Coronavirus and yet some bastard politician brought the food and left before people gave it back to him. SHAME ON YOU BUHARI, NIGERIAN GOVERNORS AND THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS that are looting the Nigerian Government. God will punish all of you. I know in my last post , lots of you responded positively and negatively. I want to say thanks to all of you. It show that we all have a stake in Nigeria. Now is the time we all should organize to remove these corrupt politicians one by one across the country so that we can give Nigeria back to the people. We are in this together. Its now or never. This is my RANT. Send your RANTS to https://globalrantpage.com/ Be safe and God bless.

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