Virus is submicroscopic parasitic particles contained in a protein coat

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Virus is  submicroscopic parasitic particles contained in a protein coat. The study of virus is called virology. It focuses on the following aspect : structure, classification and evolution; method of infestation and exploit host cells. For reproduction their interaction with host orangism, physiology and immunity and most importantly the disease they cause. Classification of Viruses : Viruses can be  classified according to the following. 1.According to host2. Plant virus3Animal virus  Size of VirusesIt ranges in size from about 30nm to 450nm. Which means most Viruses cannot be seen with light microscope except electronic microscope.
              ORIGIN OF VIRUS.1. Viruses arouse from non leaving matter inform of self replicating RNA2. Viruses arose from mobile genetic elements.                  DISEASE CAUSED BY VIRUSES.Ona of the reasons why the study of virus is important a range of infectious disease is being caused by this virus among which are Common cold, flu, rabies, measles, diarrhea, hepatitis, Dengue fever, yellow fever,poliomelytics etc. When the immune system of a vertebrae encounter a virus, it may produce specific anti bodies which bind them to the virus and neutralize it’s infectivity or make it for destruction. Antibody pressence in blood serum is often used to determine whether a person has been exposed to a given Virus in the past with test such as Elisa.
           CORONA VIRUSES.Corona virus are largest family of Viruses that usually cause mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illness , like the common cold. However , three new Corona Viruses have emerged from animal reservoir over the past two decades to cause serious and widespread illness and death. There are hundreds of Corona Viruses, most of which circulate among such animals as pigs, camels bats and cats. Sometimes those Viruses jump to humans called spillover event and can cause disease. Four of the seven known Corona Viruses that cause more fatal diseases. Are as follows:  SARs Corona Virus (SAR-Cov) emerged in November 2002 and  serve acute respiratory syndrome (SARs). That Virus disappeared by 2004. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERs- Cov) Transmitted from animal reservoir in camels. MERs was identified in September 2012, and continue to cause sporadic and localised outbreaks. The third novel Corona Virus to emerge in this century is called SAR- (Covid-19), which emerged from China in December 2019, and has been declared global pandemic by (WHO) world health organisation.
          VUNURABLE PEOPLE.The virus that cause Covid-19 infect people of all ages. However everyone has to be cautious of it . But there are set of individual that are more vunurable to it. These are .

1. The older generation.2. People with underlined medical cases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases and cancer. The risk of severe disease gradually increases starting from around 40years. Its importan that adult  in this age should protect themselves and others around them.  WHO has issued advice for these two groups and for community support to ensure that they are protected from Covid-19 without been stigmatized left in position of increased vunurable you or unable to access basic provision and social care.  PERIOD OF GROWTH: when the virus is contracted it takes for 14days to fully mature and for symptoms to appear.

  SYMPTOMS: high fever, coughing, sneezing, difficult in breathing.
                   Preventive measures.1. Wash your regularly with soap and water, use alcohol based sanitizer 2. Maintain social distancing from any coughing or sneezing person: because when a person cough small droplet of liquid comes from thier mouth or nose which may contain Viruses. When you are can get access to your system.
3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth; because the pick up so many things and may sometimes pick up virus.
 4. Practice Respiratory hygiene: i:e cover your mouth or nose with a bent elbow why coughing or sneezing

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